5 Reasons to Partner with a Travel Management Company

Jun 08, 2022 | News

Recent research has shown that the average daily cost of hotels has increased 18% compared to the same time last year, according to Jamie Biesiada, a senior editor at Travel Weekly. How can you continue to support your business and your employees while saving money and working toward achieving your long-term business goals? A travel management company can help. 

Here are five ways a travel management company can help your traveling teams. 


1. They make all aspects of travel easier & more accessible.

Planning travel can be time-consuming, especially for in-house teams who aren’t familiar with hotel policies, how to negotiate rates, and other travel best practices. Travel management companies train and hire experts who are available to support administrators and traveling employees, from making reservations to auditing and reconciling bills. 

Travel management companies also often provide their customers advanced, travel management-specific technology and tools that companies wouldn’t have access to otherwise. With these platforms, customers can make hotel reservations and manage expenses in one centralized portal. 


2. You actually will save money. 

It might surprise you that adding another external partner or agency can save your business money. By taking advantage of a travel management company’s technology and established hotel network, you can book hotel rooms at discounted rates that are unavailable to typical hotel guests. 

Some travel management companies also provide travel policy compliance solutions so that your travelers always book within your company’s budget. 


3. You’ll save your employees’ time and energy, too.

Instead of having your in-house administrators spend hours searching for the best rates and locations, you can save their time by partnering with a travel management company. With a streamlined booking portal, traveling employees can choose hotels based on their desired amenities and location that still meet your company’s budget. 


4. You can sleep easier at night knowing your travelers are taken care of.

Take a break, even if your employees are on the road. The employees at travel management companies are available to support traveling employees around the globe, no matter what time it is. You can gain access to dedicated support members who can handle issues at check-in, support travelers if hotels overbook, and provide global travel expertise when other problems come up. 


5. Your business can travel more.

Most importantly, partnering with a travel management company opens up opportunities for your teams to go to new places. When your dollar goes further, your business does, too. 

Businesses travel more with Travelcor. 

Travelcor provides solutions that simplify travel for every member of your team—from the employees flying to their next business meeting, to your in-house administrators managing your budget and finances. Visit travelcor.com to learn how we save teams time and money on travel. 


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