Safe Travels - Traveling in a Post Pandemic World

Jun 07, 2022 | News

In the middle of April, the travel mask mandate on transportation such as trains and planes was struck down. While the federal government is appealing the decision, many airlines lifted their mask mandates aboard flights. 

This is one example of COVID-19 travel restrictions that have come to an end since implementation began over two years ago. And for the first time since March 2020, business travel is making a return. 

Business travel is an important part of business growth, and you may be wondering how to stay safe and healthy while traveling for work.

Here are some travel safety tips to avoid getting sick on the road:


1. Get vaccinated

The number one thing you can do to travel safely is to get vaccinated, if you feel comfortable doing so. Research suggests the COVID-19 vaccine is the best deterrent to contracting the virus. If you feel getting vaccinated is right for you, you can do so for free.


2. Wear a mask

While TSA is no longer enforcing the use of face coverings on public transportation, the CDC continues to recommend the use of face coverings in public indoor settings. Whether you wear a mask on a flight or a train is up to you in many cases, and continuing to do so is one way to feel safer while traveling via public transport.


3. Pack cleaning supplies

Packing hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, and other cleaning supplies is a good idea if you find yourself touching or encountering items that are used by a lot of people, such as airplane tray tables, door handles, or public restrooms.


4. Wear designated travel clothes

If you have the room in your luggage, bring an outfit that you only wear while traveling through airports or while using other forms of public transportation. When you get to your destination, change your clothes so you don’t track in any bacteria you may have encountered.


5. Understand local ordinances

While many federal mandates have been lifted, there are many destinations you may be traveling to for business that still have local ordinances in place. If you are traveling abroad, you may encounter different laws regarding COVID-19. It is best to do research before traveling to make sure you are in compliance with any legal expectations.

Business travel is a crucial part of business, and for many industries, travel is a requirement. Following these safety tips before and during your next business trip will help ensure safe travels wherever you’re heading to next. 


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